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Christian Formation

Christian Faith Formation (or Christian Education) is defined in the Episcopal Church “lifelong growth in the knowledge, service, and love of God as followers of Christ…informed by Scripture, Tradition, and Reason.”  The Reverend Dr. Pamela Dolan suggested this definition: “Christian formation is a lifelong process, occurring in community, that shapes you into the person God created you to be.” 

At Holy Family, we offer a variety of Christian formation classes for all ages in the sanctuary during the hour prior to worship. These classes aren't about attending school or checking boxes on God's list. This is the place and time to dig deep and learn new things; and to engage your heart and intellect as you explore your own faith and beliefs. Please join us from 9:30 - 10:20 am. We are meeting in the annex, the small building next to the church. For more information on upcoming Christian formation gatherings, please see the descriptions below.

Theology: The Basics

This book is written for those who are new to Christian theology, a disciplined exploration of the sense of systemic study of the fundamental ideas of the Christian faith. Alister McGrath introduces us to the central ideas and beliefs, the key debates, and the leading thinkers of Christianity. For Christians, theological reflection can lead to personal enrichment, and a deepened appreciation of their faith. Please join us on Sundays 9:30-10:20 in the annex next to the main building to discuss this book.

Please join us on Sundays 9:30-10:20 in the annex next to the main building to discuss this novel. 


Introduction Pages vii-xxviii


Chapter 1 Faith Page 1-18


Chapter 2 God Page 19-38

Chapter 3 Creation Page 39-60

Chapter 4 Jesus Page 61-81


Chapter 5 Salvation Page 82-104

Chapter 6, Spirit Page 105-126


Chapter 7, Trinity Page 127-149

Chapter 8, Church Page 150-169

Chapter 9, Sacraments Page 170-190


Chapter 10, Heaven Page 191-209

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