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Reopening Plan


We are pleased to announce that we have reopened! Diocesan and state guidelines limit indoor gatherings to 25 people, and therefore, you must reserve a seat for worship. As the total number of spaces includes the worship team, only 15 slots are available for the Sunday service, so click here to sign up early! The deadline for making reservations is 9:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Of necessity, there will be special requirements and restrictions in place to try to keep everyone safe.

• If you are sick or have any virus-related symptoms, please stay home.
• You will only be allowed to enter through the parking lot side doors. All other entry doors will be locked.
• You will be required to wear a face mask. A supply will be available for any attendee who needs one.
• You will be required to clean your hands with sanitizer upon entering.
• Do not bring your personal prayer book or hymnal. Paper bulletins will be used for the service.
• Singing has been identified by public health officials as a particular concern for spreading virus. Therefore, you are discouraged from singing.
• You will not be allowed to use your name tag.
• You are asked not to congregate anywhere inside the church either before or after service. Please socialize in the parking lot and maintain proper social distancing.
• Please follow usher instructions as you enter the church, at communion, and as you leave.


What else will be different?

• All seating, whether single or pairs, is at least 6 feet apart. Do not move chairs for any reason.
• The kitchen and annex are closed; the restrooms are open.
• Bottled water will be available for any special needs.
• The Passing of the Peace will be exchanged in place. Avoid contact with others.
• The procedure for presentation of the elements has been changed.
• Usher collection of offerings will no longer take place. A plate will be provided near the exit for your offering.

Also, Adult Sunday School starts Sunday, October 4. This will be a three-session discussion group entitled "Getting Through Covid." It will take place immediately after the Sunday morning service and will last no longer than 45 minutes. This is intended to be a time for sharing, discussion (positive and negative), and healing regarding our experience during this time of the Covid pandemic. As we are limited to 25 people inside the church, please sign up to reserve a space. If you attend Sunday services and plan to attend the discussion, you will need to sign up for both events. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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